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         continue to
. . . bear with me --- until I can (some day). . .
          . . . get to re-build my . . .  
(previously sabotaged, by a very NOT-nice person)
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. . . here you can only see such things as: 

     . . .  Scouting, Lions Clubs,

...Camping, Photography, Star Trek, model trains, etc.

and I really, really, really do...
 like Garfield...and Snoopy, too...
--------and Tigger--------

there have been 
(and continue to be)
so many delays-----
after all the personal disasters that
seem to continue. . . [need money!!!]
        . . .  

still no help . . . 
and still no help . . .
and now, no hope ever, since the 9-11
disaster . . .
it is taking longer since 
my house flooded and was full of (3 1/2 feet)
stinky mud and mold (very yuckky!)
---after 5 weeks of cleaning, we  
moved back in (with mold remaining)

computer use --- not a priority now
(added this from the library computer)

well......the big October 17th (1998)
flooding changed my plans, 
because taking care of
the mud, mold, and mildew 
problems came first, so as to make
the place liveable again, so then 
the re-building and replacing
 which takes precedence 
over web page work....

well, back in the house after 
5 weeks, but still so much to do...
had already spent 3000 dollars, just
to get the cleaning, disinfecting,
AC/heater fixed, replace a few 
simple appliances (toaster, mixer, 
plates, utensils, small temporary 
refridgerator, pot, skillet, etc.), 
and some replacement clothes, 
shoes, underware, and bedding -----
probably another four months of 
cleaning to go
before it is really back to decent
... guess that is turning out to be 
longer than I estimated ...

Ho(ho-ho)hum --> what holiday season?
just more cleaning and repairing
every evening after work and on
weekends, and more of the same 
for the holidays

yep, it came and went with not so
 much as a ho-ho-ho . . .
so, so, so, it continues with the 
cleaning and repairing and replacing
and spending money I don't have
(up to 12,000 so far)

now bogged down at 18,000 --- 
need more money
now we are approaching spring, 
and I am still flood cleaning, and 
hope no more floods come
through my house before I get it 
all cleaned up from 
the last two . . . no, not next to a 
river, but developers
changed the land behind me,
by adding 3 feet of dirt to have
higher grounds for the mobiles.

but, I am outside the city limits, 
so ...... no help
----financially for me
and it is already January (2000)
///\\\ now march 2000 marches on ///\\\

another sizzling summer wasted while no 
money is available for repairing the house
. . . . 
Hot times; toooooo hot for camping 
     especially in all this humidity!
please sign my guestbook and give
 me places to visit for replacement
 photos . . . thanks
            (link below)
Summer has officially arrived, and my goal
 is to get working on my web page 
after the 4th holiday

uh,oh, more crisis situations that take priority

and add to that the end of the air conditioner, 
in the midst of all the heat!
after a week while waiting for parts, and taking
2 am rides just to be in air conditioning . . .
yow, so miserable! and expensive, too.

another holiday season, with cut-backs at work,
so no time for fun ---
(need money big time)

yukky problems at work, with possible shut-down....

between jobs again..........
okay back in job, with minor problems,
well, it is 2006, and still struggling financially....

Among my interests are:
Camping, canoeing, hiking, 
photography, Star Trek, 
Muppets, Snoopy, Garfield, 
archery, reading, bicycling, 
model railroads, etc.
--------astronomy, too . . .

click here to see some info on 
Meow - - - meow - - - meow . . . lots of purring for fun places to go hiking and camping . . . Scouters, did you know --- There are over 850 hiking trails in the U.S. that offer over 1125 patches, medals, and other awards to those who hike them. If you know anyone who might be interested in a great way to see the country and earn awards at the same time, take a peek at:
another web page
Email: katamount@hotmail.com
or even use snail mail if you know me . . .

astronomy is fun, and can be enjoyed without any expensive equipment! astronomy and camping also go well together . . . [lots of overlapping activities]

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