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World Coin Report

Collecting coins is not just about collecting small metal disks.  It's about collecting history and thereby understanding the social and political environment of our past.  It was once said that the man that does not know history is doomed to repeat it.  Very true.  Only through the exploration of the sins and mistakes of our forebears can we lift ourselves up from the primordial mud of our past.
History has always been a passion of mine and I know that many share that.  From  my explorations into coins and history, I've discovered many interesting and varied facts.  Below, you'll find a smattering of articles on many different subjects.
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Austria Maria Theresa Taler Great Britain 1951 Crown
Chinese Silver Panda Hong Kong 10 Cent
Great Britain Costs US Franklin Half Dollar
Italy 20 Centesimi Netherlands 2-1/2 Cent
Mexico 2 Peso Historic Documents of the United States of North America
The American Memory Site
France 20 Francs Angel


MS Coins is proud to announce that we are GIVING AWAY these reports that many companies charge for!  WHY!??!?!  MS Coins is engaged in the business of saving our customers money.  Companies charge anywhere from $2 to $8 for each of these reports.  We have reprint and sales rights to these but we do not and never will charge for these.  Below you'll find a few of the best we've chosen to represent here.  We hope you enjoy and will check back often to read new ones.  Sign up for the Rare Coin Report email list and receive notification when new articles are posted.
Helping Your Child Learn History
Helping Your Child Learn Math
Helping your Child Learn Geography
How To Buy Surplus Personal Property From the US Dept.Of Defense
How To Silver-plate Or Nickel-plate Without Electricity
How To Transfer Photos To Other Objects!

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