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Introduction. - (19/06/2001)
OK, so I've redisgned the site.
I'm going for the minimalist approach this time, instead of that "Put everything in the world that I find interesting" approach that always left me with tonnes of pages saying "underconstruction".
Heck, I know I'm probably the only person who ever looks at this site anyway, but if I'm wrong, then hello, and thanks for validating the existence of this site.
infantHERCULES on tour. - (14/08/2001)
The Burton/Lichfield tour - infantHERCULES, a Middlesbrough based band, took a tour of the Midlands for a weekend.
These pictures are a montage of what occured that weekend.
Nottingham Stag-do. - (01/07/2001)
Nottingham Stag-do - Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood and the Maid Marion was the setting for a drunken weekend of debauchery and degredation (without the debauchery, or the degredation. Actually it was just a fine weekend of karting, Paintballing and drinking).Holiday in Greece. - (21/10/2000)
Greece 2000 - The isle of Crete, the resort of Malia and the lads from Burton.
Makes a change from the usual holiday's I take (i.e. Glastonbury or Amsterdamn).
I've uploaded the shot's I took, and will hopefully get around to scanning in the others photo's soon.
Visit the photos section.
Glastonbury 1999. - (10/12/1999)
Glastonbury 1999 - Talking of Glastonbury, heres my 1999 collection of very poor photos.
The quality of photo may not be great, but the quality of the festival was.
Glastonbury 1998. - (10/12/1999)
Glastonbury 1998. Well, heres some very shabby looking photos of me in 1998, enjoying the delights of the great Glastonbury mudfest.
Fond memories of a good year at glasters.
Lake Windermere. - (10/12/1999)
A day on the lake @ Winderemere. A day spent on lake Windermere in the Lake district, as part of the relaxing after exam pressure.
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