Nominated for two Native American Music Awards for Best Native Flutist of the Year and Best Instrumental Album!

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Ronald Roybal. I am a native of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado who makes his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am descended from Spanish Colonial and Pueblo Indian (Tewa) people of the San Ildefonso area of northern New Mexico. I am proud of my Hispanic/Native American heritage! I am married to my wife, Betty, who I enjoy greatly. I am also a professional musician.Click here for a news article that tells more about me.

My Music Career

I perform Classical+Flamenco Guitar as well as Native American Flute. I have released two CDs, "Suite Santa Fe"and "Visions of the Fourth World". I was recently nominated for two Native American Music Awards including Best Flutist of the Year and Best Instrumental Album for Suite Santa Fe!

My Hobbies

Music is my great passion!!!!! I also enjoy going to Pow Wows where I can dance, sing and visit with friends. Click on my Pow Wow Highway page to see pictures of me dancing! In my spare time, I like to appreciate Indian art, study New Mexico family genealogy and history, read traditional stories, follow politics and go web surfing! I also enjoy my wife's cooking!!! My wife and I love to explore New Mexico whenever we get a chance. If you want a virtual tour of New Mexico, check out the links below!

Click on these album covers to hear full length selections via streaming RealAudio!

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