We are all Macedonians and, if you are interested, we are Orthodox Christians, as well
I believe I'm the Chosen One.
I have gotten a Bachelor Degree on
Geography in 1989, from the Skopje's University of "St. Kiril and Metodij".

Then in 1994 I got a Master Degree on Geography from the University of Belgrade --Yugoslavia

Afterwards I spent a lot of time educating myself and building my capacities in different areas, but if you are curious
look here
I work for the administration since 1993. In different ministries I spent 10 years climbing my career to reach the current position of Secretary General in the Civil Servants Agency, where you could reach me almost every day.

Of course, if you want you may
e-mail me too
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Metodija Dimovski
I was born on 16 JULY, 1966
in the City of
the capital of the one and only
This is SHE
my daughter

Kristina Dimovska
born in Skopje
20 October, 1990

She goes to high school, loves music, trains rhytmic gymnastic, and, she is a blogger - a good one I would say
and HE - my son

Damjan Dimovski
born in Skopje
03 July, 2003

He is still a perfect child and adores Spiderman and Batman, and trains karate (trust me he will be good)
and my beautiful wife
Valentina Risteska-Dimovska
and she's not from Skopje
but from
She's our teacher - in mathematics
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