KR2 Home Built and other Experimental Aircraft Links

Mims KR2 Photo page

  • The Ultimate Resource for finding the KR info you want!
  • Mark Langford's KR Construction Page
  • Brian Bland's KR Construction Page
  • Dana Overall's KR-2 site
  • More Engine alternatives for the KR series Swag Aeromotive
  • Bill's KR Aviation Homepage
  • You MUST checkout this KR Construction page!!
  • Rand Robinson Home Page
  • You should check out Ross Youngbloods KR page!
  • Dragonfly Homepage
  • EAA Homepage
  • Unofficial Great Plains Page NEW!!
  • John Bryhan's KR web page
  • Want to learn how to build a fuel tank for a KR?
  • Need an airfoil? see Mark Lougheed's "NEAR-Site"
  • Aircraft Spruce Web Site
  • Copy of NTSB reports covering KR Accidents from 1983 to 1996

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