HQ, 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment,
Michigan Emergency Volunteers

Welcome to the homepage of the Headquarters of the 1st Bn., 6th Reg., MEV.

What is the MEV?
History of the Michigan Emergency Volunteers:
The year 1988 marked another milestone in the history of the Michigan Military Establishment when the State legislature approved Act 246 authorizing the creation of a state defense force designated the Michigan Emergency Volunteers (MEV).

This force is the lineal descendant of the Michigan State Troops, that were first organized as a state defense force during 1917 when the Michigan National Guard was inducted into federal service during World War I. The State Troops were activated again for service during World War II and the Korean War.

The MEV is a multi-mission force capable of assisting in the closure and maintenance of National Guard armories when units are called into federal service and assuming all functions formerly performed by the National Guard, including the security of vital defense installations. This force is also able to provide military support and assistance to civil authorities and, when duly authorized, to engage in community service activities.

Each battalion is composed of a Headquarters Company and three (3) line companies (A,B and C). They are organized along the lines of Infantry units.

All units in the state need to fill Cadre positions. Persons with military service (any rank) are being recruited to fill these positions. Usually prior military will retain the rank they previously held. In some cases enlisted persons can be promoted to officer ranks. Non prior military persons with experience in any field are also very welcome to join.

All these positions are strictly VOLUNTEER positions. Individuals are NOT paid for the monthly meetings. Upon activation by the Govenor they will be paid at the regular military rate for their rank.

About the 1st Battalion
The 1st Battalion of the 6th Regiment is headquartered a the Grand Valley Michigan National Guard Armory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The 1st Battalion consists of Headquarters, Headquarters Section, Headquarters Company, and Alpha Company - all of which are centered in Grand Rapids. Bravo company is headquartered in Greenville and Charlie Company is headquartered in Big Rapids.

We are looking for volunteers in any of the above areas.

An MEV battalion is structured as an Army security battalion. There is a Commanding Officer, an Executive Officer, and the staff positions of S-1 (Administration), S-2 (Intelligence), S-3 (Training), and S-4 (Supply). There is also a Headquarters Section staff, a Headquarters Company staff, and the staff of each of the respective line companies (A, B, and C). Volunteer positions are open in all areas of expertise and in all units. Military experience is not required.

This page is under construction! Come back soon. If you would like more information or you are interested in joining the MEV, please e-mail misdf@reocities.com.