C. L. Heald
The Italian Series

247. Venezia!, 1992, 44x34, a/c


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248. Roma!
1992, 34x44, o/c.
251. Piazza San Gelato
1992, 34x44, o/c.
256. Floral Theatrics, Rome
1992, 44x34, o/c.
257. Dream Italia
1992, 70x80, o/c.
258. Back alley, Venice
1992-93, 44x34, a/c.
259. Traffic Jam, Assisi
1992-93, 44x34, a/c.
260. Sun and Rain, Rome
1992-93, 44x34, a/c.
261. Remembering Assisi
1992-93, 44x34, a/c..
262. Vasari Corridor, Ponte Vecchio, Florence
1992-93, 44x34, a/c.
263. Remembering Assisi II
1993, 44x34, a/c.
264. Quiet Canal, Venice
1993, 44x34, a/c.
292p. Architextural Detail, Italy
1992, 30x39, a/p.
293p. Fine Young Umbrian Geranium
1992, 39x30, a/p.
294p. Lake from the Train, Umbria
1992, 30x39, a/p.

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Artist's statement :

This series of paintings was done after returning from a trip to Italy in the spring of 1992. I didn't try to paint while there due to time limitations. For a year after returning, I was obsessed with images from the visit. I dreamed of Italy every night for months, and wasn't interested in painting anything but those images. The architecture, the food, the history, the wonderful people, the warmth of everything and art everywhere, were overwhelming. I hope to return some day, and if I do, there's bound to be another Italian series.


C. L. Heald, P.O. Box 703, Garberville, CA 95542

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