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Hi everyone! Welcome to my page.  I hope you will keep coming back as I make changes !  There are MANY in store ! Just have to make more time for these kinds of things !

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The Year 2008 is zooming by, and I couldn't be happier. Especially happy at the prospect of a soon to be thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and dedicated President in Barack Obama !   It seems the perfect time for a new start, and that includes working on my web page much much more in the coming year.  So keep coming back as I add new features, new pages, new content, new books to order, and new photos especially !

It's been a fabulous past 12 years plus, as I got to meet a very special Ana Laura, from Mexico City -- who surprised me early in August '96 by showing up at  Sky Harbor Airport, and requesting a personal tour guide for the week -- I know my heart's still aflutter ! We've since spent many wonderful times, and  there is hope for the future !   How close ?   Newer photos will be coming soon ! Try these now   1      2      3    !

A  cowtown welcome to those folks in Columbus and Mansfield and other parts of Ohio who may be checking in for the first time. Drop me a note and let me know what's going on there. This Ohio boy is out in the West right now, missing many things about Ohio and in Ohio, but not the weather. It was sunny here today (and has been for many months!) -- can you blame me? Everyone, write andd tell me how things are going in Columbus. I grew up in Mansfield, then headed for Columbus for some real growing up out of college. Sure do miss it! So all those checking in from Ohio, drop me some e-mail to say "hi".

In the meantime, check out those Waller links (the ones that are still active anyway :-) and other links and let me know what your favorite sites are ... I'll add them here for others to enjoy. My link list will be expanding tremendously soon - I've been surfing for over 14 years now and have alot of great finds to share! And do drop me e-mail to let me know you have visited -- you're always welcome here !!!

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Well, actually folks I am a big fan of Robert James Waller's. Some critics take aim at his writing style, but his writing HAS touched a lot of hearts, mine included. The Bridges of Madison County was first recommended to me in February '94 by a special someone. She asked me to read it, that it had touched her deeply - and after reading the story and talking about it together, I began to see a romantic soul so much like mine. I was Robert, she was Francesca. If you've only seen the movie, do yourself a favor, and read the book - it's much better. To this day, for those who've met online first and perhaps had an all too brief yet meaningful meeting of souls,  I recommend "Bridges ..." wholeheartedly.

I continued to follow Waller's works -- Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend, a good story, more complex. And Old Songs in a New Cafe was very enlightening as I had a chance to see just how autobiographical Waller's characters were. It helped me know the man behind the words much better.

Border Music and Puerto Vallarta Squeeze,  followed, and I had anxiously awaited what Mr. Waller produced next, "A Thousand Country Roads", a epilogue that follows the lives of Robert and Francesca. Now I'm falling behind, so perhaps YOU could catch ME up ?

The toast "To ancient evenings and distant music", which comes from The Bridges of Madison County, carried much significance in 1994 as that toast was shared with another in my life at the time.  And now, as I contemplate the wonderful moments that brought,  I'm thankful that a small story could help bring us closer.

If you'd like to share some of your life experiences, tell me of some hot links to check out, want to trade web page links to each others sites, or just want to say "hi", drop me a note at BradInCA@gmail.com.

More soon -- watch this space..... Last updated -11/14/2008

 I  am about to add some more Robert James Waller links and photos and his latest books, so if you're a fan, be sure to check back. My thanks to Robert James Waller's daughter, Rachael, for tracking me down online and saying "hi"!  I enjoy our talks immensely and thanks for keeping in touch.

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