The 900R Plus scooter from WAM Products is the best quality scooter in the market.

It is the BMW and the Porshe of scooters
900R Plus scooter Over $250,000 of design and tooling were invested into the 900R Plus scooter to make it the best from the beginning.
One of the very few scooters to receive a TUV test certificate. The German-located TUV lab test is one of the toughest tests to pass for any mechanical product. The elegantly designed locking mechanism on the front fork requires only the lightest of touches to change the 900R Plus from its folded position to a securely locked, riding position and then back again. Try the others and compare the 900R scooter to the high effort and difficult mechanisms used by competition. Longer deck allows "two feet up" riding for increased comfort and better control. The 900R Plus scooter uses an extruded foot plate with reinforced walls.

900R Plus scooter
Twin coil spring front suspension provides a smooth ride and an instantly recognizeable look. The 900R Plus is the first scooter developed with this suspension system.
Tempered steel fork construction eliminates the possibility of fractured aluminum welds. The 900R Plus scooter uses heat-tempered bolts to hold the locking device to the deck. Competitive, aluminum welded joints can easily crack.
900R Plus scooter The 900R Plus scooter uses a purpose designed, separate rear brake pad verses competitive use of the inner fender as a brake. 900R Plus scooter butterfly styled fender allows easy brake application. The brake itself is constructed from tempered-steel: substantially stronger than competitive aluminum brakes.

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