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My name is Drew Fukes, and I was born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  I am a Registered Nurse in the province of New Brunswick, and also a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida, and North Carolina.

I am a graduate of the AJ MacMaster School of Nursing, located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

I was recently employed as a Registered Nurse in critical care for Florida Hospital in Orlando, working in their 32 bed Cardiovascular Care Unit.

 I was also an Emergency Medical Technician, licensed by the Emergency Health Services of Nova Scotia, Canada. I was a professional EMT for four years before moving to Moncton to become a nurse.

I was a Certified Level 2 Firefighter with the Abercrombie Fire Dept.. Along that same line, I was a Certified Level 1 Fire Service Instructor at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School in Waverly, Nova Scotia.

Recent Happenings

Latest Pictures

See the travels and journey of our Christmas tree.

Tracy and I got Married on June 9, 2000.  See our wedding page for pictures and a countdown to our first anniversary!!

Tracy and I are Registered Nurses at Duke University Medical Center, in Durham, North Carolina.  I am in Cardiac ICU and Tracy is with the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.  We are both Charge Nurses on our units, and enjoy working at DUKE.


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