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UPDATED .... APRIL 2000...

The title of the background music is I Get Around, and I guess that one could say that Joyce and I have been fortunate to be able to “Get Around” here in Asia. We have been living in the Orient for five years. We were in Taegu, South Korea for one year, and we have been in Japan for four years. Joyce is teaching kindergarten at Darby Elementary School here in Sasebo, Japan, and I am enjoying being a retired teacher. I have kept busy by playing golf and teaching mathematics for the University of Maryland’s program here in Sasebo and for Central Texas College as a part of the Navy’s PACE program.(details on later page)
The background music is at times “tongue-in-cheek”, and you might want to learn to use the MUTE button on your keyboard, I hope that you will enjoy sharing some of our Asia experiences, but Dorothy had it right in “The Wizard of OZ”, there really is No Place Like Home.
And away we go!!

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