Welcome to: Terrax's Writing Center.

Here is the place I'm putting all my fanfic's. I hope you enjoy reading them, if you do, please let me know.

I am always writing, but due to constant demands made on my time by school, work, and family, most projects never get completed. Still, I may add more stories soon. My latest addition is 'What if' located at the bottom of the page.

My first attempt at writing is: Scavenger's Knight's of Death (a story mainly involving characters from GenX as well as characters of my own creation). It is only 8 chapters long .. and I wrote parts of it while sitting in a bar, in '96. I hope you enjoy it (I never drink and write at the same time, but there are such interesting people in bars that provide excelent examples of 'walk-ons' for stories).

Chapter 1 "The Mission"
Chapter 2 "The Girls"
Chapter 3 "The Guys"
Chapter 4 "The Guys...take two"
Chapter 5 "Cutting the Losses"
Chapter 6 "Enter the Prince"
Chapter 7 "The Gathering"
Chapter 8 "The Meeting"

I also have my X-Force story: Summer Vacation.
This story involves Cable and some old X-Force members.

I'm also returning an old story here. Although it wasn't written by me, I took over the writing duties after chapter 2. The title of the story is: The 12

Chapter 1 The introduction of the 12. These other chapters are still being updated. the words run together, but if you want to read them, here they are. Oh, Chapters 1&2 were written by Morpheus: an Officer of ClubNate

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 (other chapters coming soon).

I finally added my Rogue Fanfic (that I wrote for the Stripe) entitled:What If.

This story is about Rogue absorbing Multiple Man and others (some people think it's kinda funny).

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