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People think I'm All That

Greetings and welcome to my homepage which is optimised for NETSCAPE. So if you don't have it... . Obviously a page that looks this good will look cool on other browsers, but if it doesn't, or you can't access it: e-mail me here. Also, my site is enchanced with MIDI. Not just any MIDI...but XG. If you have no clue what that is (or you want it) get .

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Enter the site here- for the full blown, complete java, in your face, owl flavored, mookie proofing, totally groovy, my computer is so fast it needs gasoline, super charged, my computer is so advanced its got it's own social security number, it's not measured in mhz (megahertz), it's measured in Lph (light-years per hour) page.

Or Enter Here- for the non-java, 100% fat-free, tumble dry, I don't have Netscape or the use of java so I've got to enter the backdoor, 25% cotton 75% polyester, I sure wish I could afford a computer that has better graphics than my TI-82 calculator, a spoon full of sugar page.