WANTED! - Trisha Maelicia

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Trisha the Queen of the Sidhe

Name: Trisha Maelicia
Race: Faerie *
Birthplace: Megalopolis
Occupation: Criminal, self-proclaimed "Queen of the Sidhe"

Trisha Maleficia is an extremely dangerous fugitive. She is incredibly intelligent, cunning, and extremely skilled in the deadly arts. DO NOT APPROACH! If sighted, please contact the authorities immediately!

Wanted For:
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Reward for Capture of Trisha Maelicia - Ponape, Micronesia

The Micronesian Council of Foreign Relations hereby issues a cash reward for the capture (DEAD or ALIVE) of the named criminal, Trisha Maelicia. Reward is redeemable upon verification of said criminal's capture, either by notarized signature and bailiff records, or by notarized coroner report. Reward amount is set at the sum total of one penny in redeemable U.S. currency to be deposited on an unspecified section of sidewalk in claimant's city of residence.